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Adventure minigolf

Adventure mini golf VILA HORAL is open to the public too.
It is possible to rent the whole area.
Thanks to special technology it is possible to play immediately after the rain.
Golf equipment can be rented on site.

What is adventure golf?

Adventure golf is a popular recreational and professional sport but especially family fun, which has its roots in North America. Adventure golf is a hybrid between golf and mini golf and is basically a classic golf, scaled down to the size of mini golf courses. It can be played by individuals or groups of players. The goal of the game is, like golf, to deliver the ball in as few strokes as possible. The winner is the player with the lowest total of hits on all holes.

Our adventure mini golf

Our minigolf area consists of 18 holes / courses covered with artificial golf grass. All holes have natural obstacles that are adapted to all players by their difficulty.
Adventure minigolf is designed for all ages. It is suitable for families with children, seniors, groups of friends, family meetings, celebrations, teambuilding.
Our adventure mini golf is endless fun and sport in one.

We thought of everyone and everything ...

  • Would you like your children to chase? We have an attractive playground for them.
  • Want to have fun with your friends? Play "Russian skittles".
  • Do your children know "balls"? Request them from us.
  • Are you hungry? Roast sausages, cook cauliflower stew or grill the steak.
  • Are you thirsty? Order something to drink from us.
  • It started to rain? Hide in the gazebo and play stylish "Don't be mad".
  • Do you have a problem bending for a golf ball? We will give you a special handle to pull the ball out of the hole.

Opening hours:

1.4.-30.11. daily 8:00 20:00 hours

Price list:

adult 5 eur / 90 min
child under 10 years 3 eur / 90 min
child under 3 years FREE
Children under 10 years only accompanied by parents.
Questions and reservations by phone: 00421 (0) 904 21 01 21